If when you’re trying to find virtual dedicated server hosting a headache starts, don’t worry, here you will find the best options to help you to get the best virtual server hosting in the market!
If you want a great  virtual dedicated server hosting, you must think about all the variables:
Is this company new in the market?
If you answer is yes, you will probably need other options. Nobody wants newbies when dedicated server hosting concerns. You will need the best, as simple as that.
What is this company offer me?
If you think they offer you a really poor version of what your site needs, get out of there as sooner as posible.
On the other hand, if they offer way too much in return of a reasonable amount of money, then you’re good to go!
Do they have Cpanel?
I think the company that don’t provides a really good Cpanel is a both waste of time and money.
They must put it on the table because it’s necessary whether your site is small or really big.
What about domains?
If the word “unlimited” doesn’t appear before the word “domains” then you are about to hire a really bad service. The same apply to  sub domains, email accounts, MySql Databases, FTP accounts.
What other things should a virtual dedicated server hosting provides me?